LeRoy Ewart and Jan Abel launch Mark Your Hands

Published by Dan SW


 Jan Abel of Riot Risk and LeRoy Ewart have launched Mark Your Hands, a straight edge clothing and music label. The venture was founded in late September following their departure from Hardcore Against Racism, a non-profit founded earlier in 2014.

We spoke to LeRoy about the new company:

Mark Your Hands was founded in late September 2014 and is a non-profit based Straight Edge clothing/music label from South Germany. After several members parted ways with Hardcore Against Racism, all four of us decided to start this small label. All of us live Straight Edge since a few years, so we thought why don’t put something up what connects us the most?

Our goal is to support the Straight Edge scene. We want to share good music with all the people over the world, release & sell exclusive products from different Straight Edge bands and sell our own clothing products. All earnings will be used for new clothing, events or will be donated for a good cause. We all think that racism, homophobia, sexism, fascism or other similar ways of thinking is inexcusable. That’s why we also want to support victims of those idiotic mindsets & bring back politics into the Straight Edge scene.

The company is currently searching for bands and zines with whom they can work together. The current roster includes bands Strong Minds and Stand Guard, as well as Michael “xIRREVERSIBLEx” Lubking. For more information, visit Mark Your Hands on Facebook.