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Mercenary guitar player involved in serious motorcycle accident

Published by Dan SW

Burger, guitar player for Cleveland hardcore band Mercenary, has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident. 

From Burger's Instagram:

First off. I'm ok. Everything is cool. 

[Test rode] my bike yesterday and all my unfunny jokes about almost dying came true. Caught some gravel or something on a curve so I decided to ride into a straight ahead field as I slowed the bike. Tried to veer between two fence posts of what appeared to be an unfinished fence... Turns out there was razor sharp barbed wire between those posts.

Bike is basically unharmed with a few small exceptions. But my bottom lip was severed, lost a few teeth, my right arm is scratched to shit, fractured jaw and there was a gash in my jawline that went all the way thru to my mouth.

Shout out to UH and @shovelpan69 and @woods_quimby for being some real ass motherfuckers and keeping me cool. Minor setback. Please don't blow my phone up. I need some time to recover. Another centimeter to the right and I would've died in that field in a minute or so...

I'll catch you cats on the flip flop.

No information available as of yet regarding fundraising for any uncovered medical costs.

Burger from Mercenary following the motorcycle accident

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  • Cheyenne

    Hope your healed…or healing. -cheyenne

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