[VIDEO] Born Lost release teaser for At The End of A Storm Is A Golden Sky

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Jake Collins and Born Lost

Jake Collins and his band Born Lost have been in the studio working on a new record, and have released a preview teaser video allowing us to see inside that process. The record will be titled At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky, and the release is expected for Spring 2016. Watch the new video below.

We spoke to Collins about the new record:

This new album is extremely personal on a scope that I never really let myself explore from the inside out of what makes me who I am until I started writing the lyrics for this record. The plan was always for us to just do an album, so that 20 or 30 years from now, we have something to look back on and be proud of. But the thing that happened along the way was that these songs became about life, not just my life, but life in general.

Through writing about things I’ve experienced, losing my aunt to cancer, having one of my closest friends from when I was a teenager take their own life through their struggle with disease, coming from a broken home. All of these are something that someone somewhere can relate to. There’s some kid out there just like me that decided early on in his life that he doesn’t want to just simply fall in line coming out of all the bullshit that’s come his or her way, seeing things with a clear mind is the way to get by. Some turn to straight edge to find that within them. But everyone just needs someone sometimes to tell them that things are going to be ok if you just stay true to yourself. That’s what this album is about.


It's no surprise to anyone that follows this band that we have been working on a new album that, when it comes down to it, has been years in the making. When this band started, our sole purpose was to create something that, decades from now, we could look back on and be proud of. For the past almost year, we put everything we have, all of our influences and passion and emotion, into 45 minutes and 9 songs. The three of us, along with Charlie Cohen filling in on drums for us, Michael Murphy behind the soundboard, and the help of several studios around the Philadelphia area sought out to make this album a reality. So here is our official announcement teaser for our record, "At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky," featuring an instrumental version of Pray For Rain off the album and footage shot at Resound Studios. We will have an official release date very soon.

Posted by BORN LOST on Monday, February 29, 2016