[VIDEO] The Geeks: Staring Into The Sun

Published by Dan SW


South Korea Straight Edge band The Geeks at This Is Hardcore

Photo by John Lasic

South Korean straight edge band The Geeks are back on top with the release of a brand new music video, for the song Staring Into The Sun. The band is wearing their Have Heart love literally on their sleeve as the video does indeed feature a Have Heart longsleeve in the footage from the band’s Converse Presents Trash Talk show in Korea. Watch the new video below.

From the band:

New Music Video for “Staring Into The Sun” is out!!! Dongwoo from Scrumraid did it again wit great camera work from Ken Robinson & Hate5six (Sunny).

Our great friend “Tim Butcher (Minus, Trash Talk, Hell In The Cell & Many more” did sing Every time we fall w us when we played w Trash Talk. We decided to capture him singing in honour of his great memories. Enjoy!

Note: Footages from This is HC 2016, SEA tour 2015 and Trash Talk Converse show in Korea.

The Staring Into The Sun video is directed by Lee “Scumraid” Dongwoo. Footage shot by Lee Dongwoo, Ken Robinson, and Hate5six. The song is available on the band’s last EP Still Not In This Alone, released in 2014 on Think Fast Records.