[VIDEO] Keyoung: Altar / Offering

Published by Dan SW


Straight edge spoken word artist Keyoung

Keyoung, real name Jeffrey Stuckel, is a spoken word artist out of Illinois who communicates his writing through a blend of hip hop and cinematography. Altar / Offering is the first video release from the Keyoung album Left Handed Son, and features guest vocals by Joshua Miller.

We spoke to Jeff about the video release.

Hey guys thanks for looking. My name is Jeff and I am a spoken word poet artist that goes by the name Keyoung. I’ve been nailed to the X for over 9 years now. I just released a music video on YouTube. It comes from the album “Left Handed Son” which is me processing through depression moving all over the country and the world the last few years and how that ties into faith.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Left Handed Son was released in September on Charisma House Recordings., and is available now through Bandcamp.