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[AUDIO] Modern Pain sign to Bridge Nine: Self Deconstruction

[AUDIO] Superlion: Lake Ontario

[AUDIO] Back x Burner: Think For Yourself

[AUDIO] ClearXPath announce break-up: Wolf Pack EP

[AUDIO] Dead Split Egos: Between Nothing and Nowhere

[AUDIO] Moon Bandits: Property Damage: A Love Story

[AUDIO] Born Lost: 1990: Clarion

[AUDIO] Pinehurst: Searching for the Sun

[AUDIO] Stronger Than Ever: Mais Forte Do Que Nunca

[AUDIO] Miles Beneath: True North

[AUDIO] Close Grip release In Memory of Brad following murder of vocalist Brad Hancock

[AUDIO] Choke x Chain: Debut EP

[AUDIO] Rapid Change: Demo ’14

[AUDIO] Stay Hungry break up: Against The Wall


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